Project Description

It is a longstanding philosophical idea that we form our perceptual beliefs on the basis of perceptual experiences and that a perceptual belief can be justified by reference to the corresponding perceptual experience. This procedure corresponds to the first step of rational, or justified, belief acquisition. The overarching aim of the project is to investigate in detail the first step of rational belief acquisition and, thus, to focus on justificatory relation(s) between perceptual experiences and perceptual belief, and between their contents, respectively. The project thereby approaches this overarching aim by combining an epistemology and an philosophy of science perspective with a philosophy of cognition perspective to obtain an epistemology of perception.


  • Subproject 1: The Content of Perceptual Experience—The aim is to develop a theory of the non-conceptual and conceptual content of perceptual experience.
  • Subproject 2: From Perceptual Experience to Concepts—The aim is to develop a theory of concept learning from perceptual experience.
  • Subproject 3: From Perceptual Experience to Belief—The aim is to develop a theory of rational belief acquisition from perceptual experience.
  • Subproject 4: And Back Again—The aim is to develop a theory of how the content of cognition might influence the content of perceptual experience.